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Woda Michigan Project Nearing Completion

Woda Management

For more than 25 years, Woda Management and Real Estate, LLC, has built and maintained affordable housing units in both urban and suburban areas. In partnership with state and federal organizations, Woda Management has been working in Portland, Michigan, to renovate a former high school into an apartment complex.

Situated on 2.9 acres with views of the downtown area, the complex is scheduled for completion in September 2017 and will feature modern design concepts and the latest in energy-saving improvements. With both two-bedroom and three-bedroom spaces for family living, the complex will also feature special units tailored specifically for tenants with disabilities. Some of the amenities the complex will feature include an on-site gym and parking away from the main streets.
In his comments, Woda Senior Vice President Craig Patterson spoke about the relationship the management company has with city government and other important groups, and how their cooperation resulted in this complex coming to fruition. He also expressed gratitude that Woda was able to preserve a historic community landmark.

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