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Jeffrey Woda Receives Housing Pioneer Award

Woda Management

For more than two decades, Woda Management and Real Estate has been a major residential real estate developer throughout the United States, responsible for the creation of more than 9,000 housing units in rural, suburban, and urban areas. Throughout this time period, Woda Management has become one of the preeminent companies in the affordable real estate sector under the management of its principal, Jeffrey Woda.

In May, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) awarded Jeffrey Woda with its Housing Pioneer Award during the organization’s Housing Forum, which takes place once every two years. This year’s event was held in Harrisburg, with Mr. Woda receiving the award based on his leadership in making affordable homes more available to Pennsylvania residents over the course of his career.
In his comments, PHFA CEO and executive director Brian A. Hudson Sr. expressed gratitude to Woda for his unwavering commitment to making affordable housing more accessible. He described Woda as an “inspiration” to all of the professionals statewide who are working toward the same goal.

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