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Historic Rehabilitation Projects Offer Affordable Housing

by Woda Management

Based in Westerville, Ohio, Woda Management has achieved status as the fourth largest developer of affordable housing, according to Affordable Housing Finances. At Woda Management, company administrators and other team members gain deep satisfaction from working in a field that improves the lives of people in many communities. The company has experience with many types of affordable housing, including multifamily housing, senior housing, adaptive use projects, and historic rehabilitations.
In the past, many viewed historic preservation and affordable housing as oppositional concepts. However, many urban areas have vacant historic homes or buildings that may be good options for conversion to low- to moderate-income housing units. When developers take on historic rehabilitation projects, they must comply with standards established by the U.S. Department of the Interior, along with local historic preservation laws.
Although historic rehabilitation projects may have added layers of complexity, they often produce high-quality living environments with unique features that may appeal to residents from multiple income levels. Historic rehabilitation projects can help cities meet their historic preservation goals while enhancing living options in the community.
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