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Frequently Asked Questions about LEED Certification

Woda Management

Woda Management is a recognized leader in real estate development. The group builds or renovates structures to create beautiful and environmentally friendly residences across 13 states. Several of Woda Management’s holdings are LEED certified, a testament to the firm’s green practices.

Question: What does LEED stand for?
Answer: LEED stands for leadership in energy and environmental design.
Question: Who uses LEED certification?
Answer: LEED is the most commonly used standard for green buildings worldwide. There are more than 72,500 LEED-certified projects around the world, which includes projects by 88 of the Fortune 100 companies.
Question: What kind of structures can be LEED certified?
Answer: Any building or planned community can be LEED certified at any point in its development. Homes, businesses, schools, and industrial buildings can all be certified.
Question: What are the different levels of LEED certification?
Answer: Buildings can earn four ratings: certified, silver, gold, or platinum. These levels of achievement are based on a point scale.                            

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