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Benefits of Affordable Housing

Woda Management

Since 1990, Woda Management has developed more than 9,000 affordable housing units in apartments across 13 states. In an effort to provide the best services and housing to low-income residents, Woda Management stays up to date on current policies and thinking regarding affordable housing in the United States.

Affordable housing programs provide significant economic benefit both to communities and to the people who eventually inhabit the dwellings. For example, programs that invest funding into renovating existing facilities provide jobs to architects, construction workers, and other tradespeople. Companies that sell building supplies also benefit from these transactions in terms of retail sales. In addition, local governments see revenue increases from the cost of issuing building permits and other regulatory documents.

For those who get the opportunity to live in affordable housing, the benefits are mostly financial in nature. They are able to dedicate more money to household necessities such as food and clothing. Lower housing costs also allow families to save more money for emergencies and give them greater financial stability overall.


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