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About the LEED Certification Process

by Woda Management

Founded in 1990, Woda Management and Real Estate, LLC, manages hundreds of properties in more than a dozen states. With a variety of affordable and sustainable housing, Woda Management properties have the highest Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, levels of certification.
Setting the worldwide standards for green building, design, operation, and maintenance, LEED offers several levels of certification and rating systems to fit every project. As part of the United States Green Building Council, each level and system has a distinct set of guidelines and requirements to ensure that projects that earn the designation are of the best possible quality. Whether a project falls under the rating system for building design and construction, neighborhood development, or something between the two, LEED certification has four main steps to determine the degree of certification a project can earn.
First, the project owner determines if it meets LEED’s minimum requirements, ranging from compliance with environmental laws to project size requirements, and applying for the appropriate type of certification. Then, the application and related documentation is submitted to the Green Business Certification, Inc, board for review. During the review process, the board goes through at least one review before approval, with the possibility of a final review and appeal review, as necessary. Depending on the project’s achievement, LEED awards come in four degrees: certified, silver, gold, and platinum.                            
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