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About EarthCraft Certification

by Woda Management

Established 25 years ago as part of a larger group of contractors, developers, and property managers, Woda Management and Real Estate, LLC, oversees more than 200 properties in 13 states. Committed to sustainable development practices, Woda Management properties are EarthCraft certified.
Focused on building and construction projects throughout the Southeast, EarthCraft has certified over 30,000 duplexes, homes, and townhouses since 2000. Other EarthCraft programs, including Renovation, Multifamily, Communities, Light Commercial, and Sustainable Preservation, specialize in different housing and project types with a dedication to environmental sustainability.
Whichever certification type a project owner pursues, projects must meet the same high standards in areas ranging from air quality and resource consumption to energy efficiency and upkeep savings. For builders, certification requires membership in local home builders associations and the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Partnership. After training and testing, builders must maintain their certification through EarthCraft’s continuing education programs. For homeowners, the advantage of using a certified builder or architect often leads to a variety of benefits, whether living in the home or selling.                           
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